59 Socialists In Congress

On the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party, The Progressive Caucus is affiliated with the Democratic Socialists of America, which, in turn, is the American affiliate of the Socialist International. Congressional Caucus members, I would contend, should actually be called Socialists rather than Democrats. Unlike their European counterparts, these homegrown American Socialist Congressmen try to refrain from showing their true authoritarian colors. Such displays would be too risky in an America that is still steeped in traditional freedoms. There are still enough of us out here who would boot them out of office if they revealed too much of their true stripe.

Socialists, like Communists, Nazis, Klansmen, or other political groups, rightfully enjoy the same constitutional protections as the rest of us. Unlike their more radical aforementioned counterparts however, the socialists believe in changing the system by “boring from within” rather than through illegal violence and sedition. As such, they prefer legislation, often filled with deceptive legalese and passed through Congress by duplicitous means, as their choice of arms in their quest toward revolutionary goals. Socialists are gradualists rather than extremists. They are slowly chipping away at our G-d given rights.

Freedom loving Americans would be well advised to keep a close eye on socialist Congressmen. While they may talk like the rest of us, especially when sojourning in their respective districts, they operate from a different paradigm. If they decide to support a war against Iraq, for example, or any other intervention overseas, their motives would more likely be based on an agenda that seeks to entangle the US in a new world order than in protecting the interests of sovereign America.

As a matter of principle and as an article of faith, socialists support a socialist world government as an ultimate goal. The method they employ is the gradual transfer of constitutional responsibilities from elected American legislatures to international agencies accountable to no one. Socialists are apt to support such things as international standing armies, an international tax, the transfer of American capital to third world dictators, and the surrender of congressional responsibilities to the UN, the WTO, the IMF, UNESCO and now the International Criminal Court. Whenever communistic protocols emerge out of a UN sponsored conference, as is always the case, and whenever such un-American protocols are rejected by a still largely patriotic Congress, the socialist congressmen and their allies will more than likely try to foist the protocol on the American people through a back door.

Socialists believe in sovereignty eroding entanglements abroad and big-state socialism at home. They support high taxes on working people with the money transferred to bureaucracies staffed by their friends. They support a welfare state that oppresses poor people, especially minorities, who then become their constituents. They support left-wing judges who are willing to subvert the democratic power of Congress by making laws from the bench. While they support mandatory public education, mandatory labor unions, mandatory racial quotas, land-grabbing environmental regulation, and thought control in the form of hate speech legislation, they turn around and become downright libertarian when it comes to pornography, abortion, sex, drugs, homosexuality, and other agendas that debauch the citizenry.

Following is the Sept. 2002 membership list of the Progressive Caucus:

Neil Abercrombie -- Hawaii
Tammy Baldwin -- Wisconsin
Xavier Becerra -- California
David Bonior -- Michigan
Corrine Brown -- Florida
Sherron Brown -- Ohio
Michael Capuano -- Massachusetts
Julia Carson -- Indiana
William "Lacy" Clay -- Missouri
John Conyers -- Michigan
Danny Davis -- Illinois
Peter DeFazio -- Oregon
Rosa DeLauro -- Connecticut
Lane Evans -- Illinois
Eni Faleomavaega -- Am Samoa
Sam Farr -- California
Chaka Fattah -- Pennsylvania
Bob Filner -- California
Barney Frank -- Massachusetts
Luis Gutierrez -- Illinois
Earl Hilliard -- Alabama
Maurice Hinchey -- New York
Jesse Jackson Jr. -- Illinois
Sheila Jackson-Lee -- Texas
Stephanie Tubbs Jones -- Ohio
Marcy Kaptur -- Ohio
Dennis Kucinich -- Ohio
Tom Lantos -- California
Barbara Lee -- California
John Lewis -- Georgia
Jim McDermott -- Washington
James P. McGovern -- Massachusetts
Cynthia McKinney -- Georgia
Carrie Meek -- Florida
George Miller -- California
Patsy Mink -- Hawaii
Jerry Nadler -- New York
Eleanor Holmes Norton -- D.C.
John Olver -- Massachusetts
Major Owens -- New York
Ed Pastor -- Arizona
Donald Payne -- New Jersey
Nancy Pelosi -- California
Bobby Rush -- Illinois
Bernie Sanders -- Vermont
Jan Schakowsky -- Illinois
Jose Serrano -- New York
Hilda Solis -- California
Pete Stark -- California
Bennie Thompson -- Mississippi
John Tierney -- Massachusetts
Tom Udall -- New Mexico
Nydia Velazquez -- New York
Maxine Waters -- California
Diane Watson -- California
Mel Watt -- North Carolina
Henry Waxman -- California
Paul Wellstone -- Minnesota
Lynn Woolsey -- California
Here is a list of 2003 members of the Progressive Caucus of the House of Representatives:   http://bernie.house.gov/pc/members.asp