8/02 The Last Bastion

The Last Bastion
Johnny Rowland

The United States began its journey toward becoming a world power with a rather unique premise — that citizens were actually capable of self-government. What a concept! This was radical thinking in the prevalent social thought of 1776 and even more so today. Imagine the nerve and personal commitment on the part of the Founding Fathers when they took the dramatic and even life threatening steps of cutting the bonds of rule by a king and other disconnected political agents. They established a new nation based on the notion of personal liberty, personal responsibility and personal accountability.

Begun primarily by individuals of Christian faith and moral overview, the Founders did not aspire to dictatorship, benevolent or otherwise, in their quest for a better civil arrangement. In fact, it might be said they set up essentially a dictatorship in reverse; the citizens would be the ultimate rulers through elected representatives over the various mechanisms of government.

The Founders also understood the inherent possibilities for good as well as evil in human nature and believed the absolute final outcomes for the nation’s future would depend on its moral cohesion according to Divine instructions as set forth in the Judeo-Christian ethic. We still have remnants today of this earlier inspiration when we watch the new President swear to his oath of office with one hand placed on a Bible, and the Congress and Supreme Court still open their sessions with a prayer. Another holdout to the Founders original intent appears on our currency in the phrase “In God We Trust.”

The Founders believed so strongly in the Divine gift of liberty for individual citizens that they prescribed a “Bill of Rights” defining various assumptions which were to remain untouchable by those in government for as long as the new country would survive. This was a given to ensure the very survival of the new United States.

Unfortunately, a strong case can be made against many in our government who simply bypass the Bill of Rights, and for that matter, the rest of our Constitution. But the immanent destruction of our tattered Republic may be a bit premature. Many of us, even while our very status as citizens is being questioned, are still armed. Citizens are armed; subjects are not.

The men and women who set forth the formulation for the United States (and those who doubt feminine influence on our history are completely out of touch!) were acutely aware of the possibility of moral decline in the persons granted official duties. They knew this could lead to weakening of the rule of law resulting in government by decree, enforced by a police state. This last scenario is simply not possible as long as citizens keep and bear arms and understand their rightful position as ultimate human authority over the Republic’s government. Thus, the Second Amendment serves as a safeguard for the rest of the constitution.

The United States is the last bastion of defense for those true human rights as defined by the Judeo-Christian tradition. In an increasingly hostile tide of globalization, we must continue to stand firm on our demand for sovereignty and self-determination for our country. If we can hold on long enough, the socialists and globalists will collapse from their own corruption and decay. If we do not overcome, we will have honored the principles which made our country great. We will have fought the good fight and kept the Faith.

As an aside: The real reason we are seeing resistance from those in government to go ahead and allow pilots to be armed has nothing to do with security concerns. The politically correct and anti-gun powers that be are terrified that passengers, observing the pilots armed with handguns to insure flight safety, might actually come to realize that they could improve their own security by getting their OWN GUN! And what if this idea spread out among the rest of the public?

That this could happen is just too much for the anti-gun liberal socialists to bear!

Johnny Rowland is a talk show host on the American Freedom Network. He is also producer and host of the Shooting Show TV Program.