Mayors Against the Constitution?

Football, pork, cold beverage, junk food and civil rights being bashed!     A commercial with Mayors Michael Bloomberg (I) of New York and Thomas Menino (D) of Boston were on my television set during the Super Bowl, and they were touting their anti-Constitution drivel which should make America sick.

The (not really) Honorable Mayors began with a blatant lie that they “support the Second Amendment.”  Seriously, they expect reasonable, intelligent people to believe they support your civil liberties?   After a blatant and banal lie, the “terrible two” of civil rights went on to encourage you to support their cause.

While they call themselves “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” they should call themselves “Mayors Against the Constitution.”  After all, their cause is robbing you of your civil rights!  These liberal Big Shots want your support in taking away your gun rights.

I cannot imagine fighting to have my own civil rights taken away, but then again, I’m not a liberal.

Let’s get real and deal with facts:

1. New York has been rated as the “least free state in America” and Massachusetts is 5th least free state in America. (1)

2. Gun laws don’t affect guns, they affect people.  Restrictions on your right to bear arms is about restricting you and controlling you.

This is the point:  they don’t really care about guns, but they do care about you having guns.  There is a big difference.

One of their issues is “Concealed Carry Reciprocity.”  The purpose of this legislation is that a person who has a concealed carry permit shall be allowed to exercise this right wherever they travel.  The private citizen won’t have to consult a lawyer regarding their individual rights, and their individual right to self-protection will be guaranteed.

The Mayors believe that THEY should decide on whether or not YOU get to defend yourself.    Again, this is about controlling you, not empowering you.

Their website goes onto discuss the “Boren Amendment” which, according to the Mayors, impedes the federal government’s ability to stop guns that are purchased in border states from going to Mexican Drug Cartels.(2)   The easier way to prevent guns from going to Mexican Drug Cartels is to stop the U.S. Government from illegally sending guns to Mexico.  The greatest criminal gun-running operation in America was managed by YOUR tax dollars.  Known as “Fast and Furious,” this strategy was the biggest gun smuggling operation into Mexico in recent history.

The Constitution guarantees me the right to bear arms.  If Mayors Bloomberg and Menino don’t like guns, no one forces them to own one.  But this isn’t about guns, it’s about freedom — and they oppose freedom … for you.

Bruce LaPorte is a student at Liberty University.

(1)  George Mason, Mercatus Center,

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