3/02 Israel: More Guns In Schools

Israel: More Guns In School
Larry Pratt

Israel’s government officials have once again demonstrated a better grip on reality than have those in the United States when it comes to self-defense.

In the mid-seventies, a terrorist attacked an Israeli school bus, murdering over 30 children.

There ensued a national debate, with some Israelis unable to shake their socialist baggage brought from Europe. Namely, they assumed that the government would protect them.

A majority of Israelis, however, found a compelling reason for putting guns in schools — terrorists would get guns whether Jews were armed or not. As a result, schools in border areas, and school buses, were manned with gun-toting teachers or others assigned to be at the ready.

As the terror attacks have escalated in Israel, a number of attempts have been thwarted when armed Israeli citizens shot and killed the terrorists. Seeking to have more of a good thing, the Israeli government announced plans to issue 40,000 more gun licenses to civilians according to the London Times.

Even better, the government is giving away guns to teachers.

Elinor Shor was described by the paper as neither a settler — those in the most vulnerable areas of the country — nor a gun fanatic. Just a primary school teacher. Yet, there she was, trying out her free handgun at the Krav (Battle) gun shop and firing range.

When will it occur to American officials and teachers that declaring schools to be Gun Free Zones is the same as sending an engraved invitation to an Al Qaeda terrorist(s) to come on over and shoot up some schools?

After September 11, can we really believe that criminals, let alone terrorists, will check out the law and say, “Awe shucks, I can’t take my gun onto the school campus.” Perhaps they will opt for a bomb instead.

What a tragedy if a suicide bomber walks on to a school ground, and teachers see what is about to happen, but nobody can do what Israelis have done under similar circumstances in Israel — pull their piece and pop the ‘perp.’

If we refuse to come to grips with the reality of our world, the truth of our danger may well come exploding into view.

I know we have a tendency to want to ignore history (after all, we hardly study it). But can we not at least learn from what is going on before our very eyes?

Hopefully enough of us will rise up and contact our legislators that we can get gun free school zones taken off the books. And sooner rather than later.