2/02 Moms For Gun Safety

Moms For Gun Safety
Larry Pratt

Doesn’t Moms for Gun Safety sound like a gun control group? After all, gun safety is the new disguise for gun control.

Well, Moms for Gun Safety is actually in favor of what its name suggests. It is a loose knit group of women shooters who are pushing to get gun safety taught in New Jersey’s government schools.

In Montclair, NJ the Moms are part of a First Amendment lawsuit seeking redress for the one-sided use of the school, its system of distributing notices to parents and use of public facilities for an anti-self defense propaganda session conducted by the town’s school officials.

The Moms and other plaintiffs are in federal court to force the school to distribute and promote their firearms safety message in an equal manner to the support which school officials gave to the so-called Million Moms (now part of the Brady Center to Stop Gun Violence).

The Moms’ complaint lists the following abuses committed by Montclair school officials:

    * The backpack distribution system was used to distribute various flyers addressing issues pertaining to the arrest of two juveniles on gun charges.

    * One of the fliers distributed was an announcement for a “community forum on gun control” — a forum which excluded all pro-gun, pro self-defense groups.

    * The community forum announcement listed known anti self-defense, pro control groups and various government officials.

    * In a telephone call from one of the plaintiffs, a school official expressed his contempt for the plaintiff’s point of view.

    * At the community forum, speakers advocated the anti self-defense bill and promoted a rally to support the bill. Attendees were urged to write to their legislators in support of the bill.

The school system’s defense? A secretary mistakenly sent out the fliers. As a crook said when caught red handed, “Hey, who are you going to believe — me, or your eyes?” I would say that the eyes have it.

This reckless regard for the truth helps understand why we have been witness to so many brainless cases of zero tolerance at schools where even a drawing of a gun can get a student booted out. Hopefully more and more parents will realize that not being able to attend a government school is not a punishment — it is a blessing.

The Montclair school system sought to get the case thrown out, but a federal judge gave the go ahead to conduct a trial.

We will revisit this issue when the court renders a decision.

In the meantime, you might want to set up an office pool to how many years it will take school officials to distribute information on gun safety and to rebut the fallacious claims that were spewed out by anti self-defense advocates. My guess is that the five-year old student who brought home the anti-gun propaganda will be in high school.