3/01 Million Mean Mommies

Million Mean Mommies?
Larry Pratt

The Million Mom March is in danger of being known as the Million Mean Mommies.

The most notorious case of a non-peaceful anti-gunner is that of Barbara Graham who has been found guilty in DC Superior Court of trying to avenge her son’s death by shooting a young man who she blamed for the killing.

Graham’s son was killed in 1999, after which she joined the Washington-area group called Mothers on the Move Spiritually which in turn helped sponsor the Million Mom March (so-called) in 2000.

The MMM bills themselves as gun-control activists “dedicated to preventing gun death and injury and supporting victims and survivors of gun trauma.” Indeed, at the Washington, DC march last year, Graham spoke out and helped memorialize the dead.

Evidently she didn’t think there were enough dead to memorialize, so she tried to kill Kikko Smith, age 23. Graham did not kill Smith, but the shot she fired left him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for life.

Graham became frustrated with police efforts to apprehend her son’s killer, so she took her son’s .45-caliber handgun (which, by the way, is quite illegal in the District of Columbia). She and an accomplice then gunned Smith down as he tried to flee from them at his house.

Graham has subsequently received an object lesson about not being a private judge and jury vigilante squad. It turns out that the police already had in custody a suspect in her son’s murder who had a similar-sounding name.

In a less tragic resort to violence, an ally of the Mean Mommies, Robert Howell, vice president of the Boulder Chapter of the Bell Campaign, made it into the media in the Denver area. He assaulted a pro-gun concealed handgun carry permittee who was waiting to hear a Charlton Heston speech. Howell shoved a bullhorn into Shariar Ghalam’s mouth and called him a dirty Arab (actually Ghalam is a Khurdish refugee from the oppression of Iran).

Incredibly, Grahlam restrained himself throughout this whole ordeal, even though he was legally carrying a loaded 9mm Glock at the time. He chose to run from his peacenik attacker, who then pursued him, pummeling him all the way. A police officer finally pulled Howell off of Ghalam. At no time did Ghalam even brandish his gun.

Something may be in the water in the Denver area, because Fort Collins Mean Mommie Cherie Trine slugged George Keifer on the forehead with her clipboard outside a Mommie Meeting. The assault was witnessed by five people. Trine denies it, claiming that his head wound was there before hand.

Another anti-gunner in the Denver area has plagued an Aurora gun show on two different occasions. He has been forced to pay restitution for the dealers’ tables he has overturned during his rampage through the gun show.

Maybe the gun banners are right after all — to a point: they seem to be a violent bunch, so perhaps anybody with a membership in the Mean Mommies or some other anti-gun group should be prevented from owning a gun.

Now that’s a background check Gun Owners of America could consider. (Just kidding.)