6/00 Clinton & Wesson Update

Clinton & Wesson Update
Larry Pratt

When Smith & Wesson capitulated to the Clinton administration and signed the gun control deal with Housing and Urban Development, the agreement reached well beyond the two parties.

It is important to boycott Smith, not just to send them a message, but to save the Second Amendment.

The Clinton & Wesson deal is a contract. As such, it cannot be reviewed by any court.

But this contract is legislation that never went through a legislative process. Let us leave aside the fact that gun control is unconstitutional.

The Clinton & Wesson deal takes us right back to the days of King George III when our colonial forbearers cried out against taxation without representation. How so? Very simple.

The contract establishes an Oversight Commission to be staffed by four bureaucrats and one industry representative. Those bureaucrats will be paid by funds not authorized by Congress or any other legislative body.

The Oversight Commission gets to enforce the broad and vague terms of the contract. But where the contract is vague, the Commission can invent its own specific regulations.

For instance, the Oversight Commission will establish what kind of a certificate of competence you must have before being allowed to buy a gun. Why not require you to be able to hit a bullseye with a snubby .38 at 100 yards? Or set a $500 fee for your competence testing?

Any dealer who sells Smith & Wesson would have to impose that requirement on you no matter what kind of gun you bought through the Smith dealer.

The same broad sweep would affect all firearms sold by Smith dealers in the case of handgun sales — only one every two weeks will be allowed.

If enough dealers come into the Clinton & Wesson gun control program, there is a built-in way to shut down virtually all gun sales in the country. Under the Clinton & Wesson deal, dealers may not transfer a gun until they hear back regarding the customer’s background check.

Currently, the law allows a transfer after three days from the time of initiating the check. But if the FBI decides to shut down the whole process for an indefinite system overhaul, then no gun sales would be made through dealers subject to the Clinton & Wesson deal.

Fight for freedom. Boycott Smith & Wesson. And urge your Representatives to support Congressman John Hostetler’s efforts to amend various spending bills to neuter implementation of the Clinton & Wesson deal.