6/00 Israeli Veteran Nearly Killed By Gun Control

Israel War Veteran Nearly Killed By Chicago Gun Control
Larry Pratt

Born in America, Hillel Goldstein’s family moved to Israel just in time for the Yom Kippur war in 1973.

In 1983 Goldstein was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces, or IDF. He served in a combat unit for three years, seeing action in southern Lebanon.

Upon arrival in Israel Goldstein had been surprised to see gun-toting men and women walking around all over Israel. By 1983 his M-16 service rifle was but an extension of his own arms.

Back in the United States in 1986, Goldstein readjusted to the who-needs-a-gun view that is all too prevalent here. Worse still, he took up residence in one of the world’s largest legislated gun free zones — the City of Chicago.

On July 2, 1999, Goldstein was on his way back from Friday evening worship at his local synagogue. He was quite conspicuous in his Sabbath garb. He was all too easy to spot for Ben Smith, a neo-Nazi on a private mission to kill blacks and Jews. Smith went on to kill several people before committing suicide and saving the state the expense of executing him.

Goldstein became one of his victims, taking five shots to his torso and arm. His time in the hospital was educational as well as therapeutic.

Goldstein did not respond to the media inquiries right away, spending the time to think through why a non-soldier should also have a gun. When he decided the issue affirmatively, he found that the media dropped him like a hot rock. So did many of his friends who mindlessly assured Goldstein that we don’t need guns because we have the police to protect us.

That argument struck Goldstein as full of holes as he had been after Smith’s attack.

Goldstein argues forcefully that self-defense is a Biblical doctrine, found in among other parts of Scripture, in the book of Leviticus. Those interested in this subject can find a piece I have done on What the Bible Has to Say About Gun Control on the GOA web page at http://www.gunowners.org in the Fact Sheets section.

Goldstein has by now remedied his inability to protect himself and his family. He has procured firearms, and reacquainted himself with their use.

He has also been given a life membership in Gun Owners of America.