Olofson out of jail, needs help to start his business.

David Olofson has been subjected to a gross miscarriage of justice. What happened to Olofson could happen to any American who owns a semi-automatic firearm.

He was convicted of knowingly transferring an unregistered machine gun – a gun which fired a burst and jammed. Gun owners call that a malfunction. The federal government calls it an easy way to get a felony conviction. Olofson was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison.

David Olofson is an information technology professional with a wife, three children and a mortgage. Until his conviction, he was also in the National Guard.‏

GOA took his appeal to the Supreme Court which declined to hear it. This was in spite of the trial court having ruled in direct opposition to a recent decision of the Supreme Court itself!

Olofson has served his entire sentence, but is having trouble finding a job. As a result, David has started his own business, Joules of Nature.