OH: Ohio Could be the Next Constitutional Carry State!

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, a bill (HB 227) that would provide for permitless concealed carry in the state of Ohio passed in the House.

Well last night, the Senate version of the bill (SB 215) passed out of committee and a Senate floor vote is expected to come TODAY!

As a reminder, not only does the bill provide for Constitutional concealed carry, but it also changes the confusing language of “duty to inform” police officers that you are carrying a concealed weapon. Under current law, you must tell an officer immediately that you have a weapon. If this new bill is signed into law, it would be up to the officer to ask if you have a weapon, and then you must tell them the truth. No longer can you get in trouble for forgetting to inform an officer of your handgun.

While it has some minor limitations (the biggest is that the minimum age being 21 leaves out thousands of law-abiding adults), it is still a great step in the right direction and should definitely receive your support.

Ohio needs to become the next Constitutional Carry state to begin restoring your rights, and we ask that you please click here to urge your Senator to vote yes on SB 215!