NJ: Assembly Passes Bill that Chips Away Even More at Concealed Carry

As GOA fights the misnamed and unconstitutional “Concealed Carry Improvement Act” in NY courts, anti-gun politicians in The Garden State have decided to pass a similarly tyrannical bill.

The all-Democrat sponsored anti-gun bill, A4769 / S3214, just narrowly passed the Assembly.  With only 41 yes votes needed to clear the house, the bill passed 42-29.  No Republicans voted for the unreasonable and unconstitutional bill.

A4769 / S3214, in its amended version, increases prices of application fees, would require gun owners applying for a carry permit to take training courses and purchase a $300,000 liability insurance policy.  It also widens the range of “sensitive places.”  The exhaustive list includes courthouses, parks, schools, and bars and adds casinos, hospitals, beaches, and a slew of other places noted in 25 categories.   

Aside from the unconstitutionality of the bill, it greatly affects low-income gun owners, victims of domestic violence, and residents living in crime ridden communities the most. 

We need your help to stop this bill from passing. Add your name to our pre-written letter and URGE your state Senator to vote NO on A4769/ S3214