Colorado Shooting Shows the Failure of Gun Control Laws



Colorado Shooting Shows the Failure of Gun Control Laws

(US News and World Report) Last week’s shooting in Colorado shows us, once again, the failure of gun control. The Century 16 theaters in Aurora were “gun free” zones, where citizens are prohibited from carrying weapons for self defense.

If this sad scenario sounds familiar, it should—as almost every large-scale massacre in this country has occurred in an area where guns are outlawed: Columbine High School, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, etc. In all of these shootings, the victims were disarmed by law or regulation—yes, even the one at Fort Hood. They were made mandatory victims by restrictions which never stop the bad guys from getting or using guns.

Contrast these disastrous events—which occurred in “gun free” kill zones—with the Aurora shooting you didn’t hear about. That shooting occurred three months ago at a church, which is not a gun free zone. A gunman drove into the New Destiny Church parking lot in Aurora, got out of his car, and started spraying bullets. Thankfully, a congregant with a concealed firearm shot and killed him, saving countless lives.