Anti-gun Hysteria

Ridiculous “Case” Against Pro-gun House Member Dismissed

(Washington, D.C.) – Rep. Buck (R-CO) is a strong, vocal defender of gun rights.  So is Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina.

So, when Mr. Gowdy stopped by Rep. Buck’s office for a visit, the two posed for a picture with Buck’s AR-15 rifle, decked out in red, white and blue (the rifle, not the congressmen).  

Rep. Buck proudly tweeted out the pic.  

That’s when anti-gunners went, well, ballistic.  According to The Hill newspaper, the D.C. Attorney General’s office sent materials to the D.C. police “for a possible investigation into the two Republican congressmen.”

Prior to his election to Congress, Buck served as a District Attorney in Colorado.  He knows a thing or two about the law.  

Same for Rep. Gowdy, himself a former prosecutor and well known on Capitol Hill for holding government officials accountable.  

D.C. officials were no doubt licking their chops over the “gotcha” moment.

For his part, Buck tried to quell the irrational fears of D.C. government officials (who are, of course, protected in their jobs by people carrying firearms).

“A close inspection of the only public photo of the rifle will show that the bolt carrier assembly is not in the rifle; it is in fact in Colorado,” said Rep. Buck, in a futile attempt to explain the inner workings of a firearm to D.C. bureaucrats. 

In the end, the Capitol Police cleared up the matter, stating that “members of Congress may maintain firearms within the confines of their office.”  

Okay fine.  Now let’s get the same exemptions for all law-abiding citizens.

Gun Owners of America is a national gun rights organization with more than one million members and activists.  Tim Macy serves as the organization’s chairman.  GOA was the only national gun rights organization to support Ken Buck for Congress in 2014 with TV and radio ads.