Gun Owners of America proud to sponsor Tri-Signal Motor Sports

Gun Owners of America proud to sponsor Tri-Signal Motor Sports


(Springfield, VA) — Gun Owners of America (GOA) is proud to announce its sponsorship of Tri-Signal Motor Sports for the 2013-14 NASCAR season.

“We are very excited to work with Tri-Signal,” said GOA’s Vice Chairman Tim Macy.  “NASCAR’s fan base has always been pro-Second Amendment, and we want to let them know about our ‘no compromise’ message in the defense of their rights.”

GOA and Tri-Signal — and its fans and their families — share similar values, especially those of a deep and abiding love for the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

“Tri-Signal’s cars will bring a new opportunity to bring a pro-2nd Amendment message to millions of race fans,” Macy said, “as their cars compete in the All American Series and the Irwindale Event Center series this year.”

GOA has been “the no-compromise” gun rights organization since 1975 and has fought the good fight for gun owners and liberty-lovers since then. GOA worked hard recently to defeat gun control in the Senate and was blamed by both Republicans and Democrats for taking the lead in this effort:

* “Democrats blame Gun Owners of America for Gun Control Setback” (TPM, April 8, 2013).

* The New York Times on April 3, 2013 accused GOA of “freezing senators” and keeping them from supporting expanded background checks.

* And finally, “According to conservative staffers, Gun Owners of America was the most active outside group in early efforts to block all gun control efforts including Toomey-Manchin” (The Examiner, April 28, 2013).

The Whelan All-American short track racing series will be a new opportunity for both Tri-Signal and GOA to spread their message of supporting constitutional values and respect for the Second Amendment to a fan base receptive to that message in 40 states and four Canadian provinces.

“This will have a real impact at Irwindale Event Center,” Mr. Macy said, “when their short track reopens this year, and Tri-Signal both races for the home fans, and spreads GOA’s message from coast to coast.”

Dennis Furden, owner/driver of Tri-Signal Motor Sports, started his racing career in 1972 at the age of 11. He has competed and won more than 100 races in his 40 plus years of driving.  He has competed at various levels and recently finished 6th place in points in the NASCAR Whelan All American Series Super Late Model division.