Demand that Loretta Lynch require 60 votes in order to invoke cloture on her nomination!

Demand that Loretta Lynch require 60 votes in order to invoke cloture on her nomination!

Senator Mitch McConnell
Majority Leader
United States Senate
317 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510-1702

Dear Senator McConnell:

Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch has correctly been characterized as “Eric Holder in a skirt” and “The fifth liberal vote on the Supreme Court.” She lied under oath and expressed fraudulent feigned ignorance on virtually every major issue of the day.

Perhaps most important, she has made it clear she intends to pursue and defend her predecessor’s unlawful executive amnesty program.

Make no mistake about it:  The Senate GOP will either be “winners” or “losers” at the culmination of her nomination fight.

Harry Reid has not changed the Senate rules.  They still require 60 votes to cloture Lynch’s nomination.

So one of two things will happen:  Either a terrified GOP caucus will endorse Reid’s illegal “nuclear option” and cloture Lynch in violation of the Senate rules, presumably because playground-bully Chuck Schumer intimidates them into doing so.

Or they will reassert the Senate rules and demonstrate that Reid does not continue to rule the Senate with 46 votes — plus his willingness to stand up and fight for his admittedly vile principles.

The Senate is always voting on whether to appeal the Chair’s ruling, and, in this case, such an appeal is essential to reestablishing the regular order and the rule of black-letter law.

Throughout 2014, we fought for the defeat of senators like Mark Begich, Mark Udall, Kay Hagan, Mark Pryor, and Mary Landrieu, even though some of these senators cast some good votes.  We argued that deposing Harry Reid, in and of itself, was a desirable goal.

Please do not use the Lynch nomination to tell us that, whoever nominally controls the Senate in 2017, Harry Reid and/or Chuck Schumer will continue to control it in fact.  To do so would signal that the 2016 Senate elections don’t matter.

Please require that Loretta Lynch receive 60 votes in order for cloture to be invoked on her nomination.


Tim Macy
Gun Owners of America 

Richard A. Viguerie

Morton Blackwell
The Weyrich Lunch

Rick Scarborough
Vision America Action

George Landrith
Frontiers of Freedom

Kevin Starrett
Executive Director
Oregon Firearms Federation 

Scott Wilson Sr.
Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc.

William Haygood Shaker
Rule of Law Committee

Susan A. Carleson
American Civil Rights Union

Dee Hodges
Maryland Taxpayers Association

Mathew D. Staver
Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

Gary Marbut
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Ed Cutler
Gun Owners of Vermont

Jonathan R. Evans, Esq
New Hampshire Firearms Coalition, Inc.

Steve Antosh
Free Enterprise Institute 

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Philip Van Cleave
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Sam Paredes
Executive Director
Gun Owners of California

Shane Belanger
Executive Director
Gun Owners of Maine

F. Paul Valone
Grass Roots North Carolina

F. Paul Valone
Executive Director
Rights Watch International

Richard and Susan Falknor
Blue Ridge Forum

M. MacMillin Slobodien
Executive Director
Our Generation

Judson Phillips
Tea Party Nation

Kristin Fecteau
The Campaign to Free America 

Elaine Donnelly*
Center for Military Readiness 

Michael Hammond
General Counsel
U.S. Senate Steering Committee (1978-1989)

David S. Sullivan
Staff Member (ret.)
U.S. Senate Steering Committee

* For identification purposes only