Problems With The Veterans Disarmament Act (HR 2640 & S 2084)

Short-Form Analysis
Point-By-Point Response to Proponents of HR 2640
Bill Text of HR 2640 (PDF)
GOA Proposed Amendments To Veteran’s Disarmament Bill
BATFE Letter Re: Mental Disqualification
Ramifications Of The BATFE Letter
The Veterans Disarmament Act DOES Change Federal Law
Citizens At Risk
Of Disqualification
1/4 Of Returning Vets Have Post-Traumatic Stress
Lautenberg Ban Disarms People For Spanking Their Kids
U of San Francisco Prof. (A Psychologist & Attorney) Shows Risks For Californians
Larry Pratt Op-ed: Veterans Disarmament Act To Bar Vets From Owning Guns
Gov’t. To Vets: Thanks For Your Sacrifice, Now Give Us Your Guns (Op-ed)
What Others
Are Saying
Coburn Letter To The VA (PDF)
Retired Judge Warns Sen. Barrasso That Veterans Are At Risk (PDF)
Quotes From Organizations, Legislators, Articles And Individuals
Democrats, NRA Reach Deal On Background-Check Bill
Mental Health Records: Gun Owners Don’t Like What The NRA Is Saying 
01/08/08: Ramifications Of The Veterans Disarmament Act
12/20/07: Gun Owners Stabbed In The Back In Congress
10/26/07: Are Senate Offices Lying To You?
10/18/07: Senator Coburn Goes On The Offensive
10/04/07: An Open Letter To The Pro-gun Community
10/03/07: Sen. Coburn, The American Legion, And H.R. 2640
09/27/07: Sen. Coburn Stands Alone In The Senate
09/25/07: Anti-gun Zealots Trying To Ram Disarmament Bill Through Senate
09/12/07: Veterans Disarmament Bill: Amendments Proffered
09/05/07: False Hopes Of Relief For Gun Owners In The Senate
08/08/07: No Recorded Vote As Brady Expansion Moves To Senate
07/19/07: Senate Ready To Move On Gun Control
07/10/07: PA Case Shows How HR 2640 All Threatens Gun Owners
06/18/07: Battle Moves To The Senate (Plus Extensive Analysis)
06/14/07: McCarthy Bill Rammed Through The House With No Recorded Vote
06/12/07: Another Compromise Undermines Your Hard Work
05/16/07: Urgent: “Compromise” Gun Bill Coming
04/26/07: Congressional Leaders Moving To Pass Gun Control Without A Vote!
04/23/07: VA Tech Shootings Spur Far-reaching Gun Control
04/17/07: Aftermath Of Tragedy: GOA Defending Freedom