NE: Today is the Final Vote to get Permitless Carry on the Governor’s Desk!

Today is the Final Vote to get Permitless Carry on the Governor’s Desk!

Nebraska we are in the final battle over the passage of Permitless Carry and ending the unconstitutional registry schemes of socialist-controlled cities that have lorded over the rural areas of the state for far too long.

Patriots, while we won the first two engagements, the battle of Permitless carry is not over. L.B. 77 is a significant first step in the struggle to restore just governance to Nebraska.

By demonstrating a willingness to be flexible in the fight and with single-minded persistence, Sen. Brewer pushed L.B. 77 through the first floor debate with a vote of 36-12 but that number dropped to 31-10 on Seconds!

As we have witnessed over the last few sessions, the fight was not without its memorable moments… Naturally, the socialist cabal demonstrated that they care little for the Rue of Law or the proper role of government, which is solely tasked with safeguarding the liberties of the citizenry.

These acolytes of Marx’s dismal offspring, who are vehemently opposed to human freedom, do not seem to grasp that within the American tradition of ordered liberty, a governmental body, or a court, cannot strip away God-given rights away simply because it arbitrarily deems a constitutionally protected right as dangerous or, in doing so, it has complied with due process.

As a citizen of These United States, we have the constitutionally enumerated right to “keep and bear arms” regardless of whether the government or prejudiced individuals within our communities consider it suitable for us to exercise our God-given right to defend life, liberty, and property with commonly held arms.

Consequently, it is essential to stay the course by continuing to engage in respectful discourse with your State Senators. Keep up the pressure by demanding that they advance Legislative Bill 77 without further amendments!

So, please send a message to these legislators thanking them for their vote and encouraging them to continue to advance Permitless Carry!