NE: Constitutional Carry Requires Your Help to Advance on Monday!

Sen. Tom Brewer’s (District 43)  Legislature Bill 773 – a measure that would advance the decade-long fight for Constitutional Carry in the Cornhusker State, is up for a hotly contested floor debate on Monday, April 11th.

To recap: The proposed amendment would grant legitimacy to Omaha’s unconstitutional firearm registration scheme by allowing the infringements to have legal standing, which creates a precedent that undermines State-level preemption found in Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1703. It also would increase penalties for non-violent offenses if a defendant were found to have committed a petty crime while carrying a firearm.

Additionally, the amendment would grant prosecutors the authority to charge law-abiding citizens with a felony for failure to notify law enforcement when they are exercising their unalienable right to bear arms in defense of life, liberty, and property.

Simply put, the original version of LB 773 will make Nebraska communities more secure and enable Nebraskans to more freely exercise their liberties, as the Founders intended. But Amendment 2106 will threaten law-abiding gun owners and diminish their freedoms. Advocates of liberty must generate momentum so that legislators pass the unamended version of LB 773.

My fellow countrymen, we can no longer afford to sit idly by, while others fight our battles for us. We must not shrink from our sacred duty to preserve our tradition of ordered liberty for the next generation. Tyranny is not easily conquered, yet any effort that is truly worthy of one’s time is never a painless endeavor.

Indeed, anything we achieve at too low a cost we do not value greatly. However, if one makes sacrifices to obtain a given outcome, we grant it the highest esteem because our blood, sweat, and tears were forged into the result. The fight to restore our cherished liberties will require a comparable effort on our part.

With that in mind, it is critical for Patriots to attend, in sizable numbers, the forthcoming floor debate on LB 773 at the Capitol on Monday, April 11th. We must demonstrate to politicians that “We the People” are watching them closely and are taking note of those who are seeking to strip us of our God-given rights.

If we wish to see Nebraska join the ranks of other States that are restoring the liberties of its citizens, we must put in the personal effort to see the unmended version of LB 773 is enacted.

It is our duty to make a significant effort to ensure that our voice is heard in Lincoln. GOA and our coalition partners will be sending the final date notice once that information is made available. There is ample parking near the Capitol building located at the Carriage Park Garage and other garages within a short walk.

Please CLICK HERE NOW and tell your Nebraska elected officials to pass a Constitutional Carry bill that protects the rights of all Cornhuskers!