NE: Urgent! We Need You to Push Permitless Carry Over the Finish Line!

Permitless Carry is up for the Second Vote Tomorrow!

We Need to Send a Strong Message in Support of this Legislation!

Patriots, if you want to get Permitless Carry, L.B. 77, passed, it is up for the second floor vote tomorrow at 9:00 AM.

While Senator Brewer’s bill has been significantly amended, it is still an important step in restoring just government to Nebraska.

Patriots, as you can discern, this fight requires you to remain engaged to ensure that we get Permitless Carry passed in 2023!

You need to be aggressively but respectfully fighting with the pen (or mouse), because there are senators who wavering or, as mentioned above, are actively seeking to prevent you from exercising your God-given right to defend life, liberty, and property with commonly held arms without first asking permission from the government! A government that forces the citizenry to ask their permission before exercising their God-given rights is one that views those cherished freedoms as mere privileges to be revoked upon their capricious whims.

Moreover, if you allow elected officials to behave in such a shameful and pompous manner, how long before they start to believe that they are a priestly class of “law givers” lording over the feeble peasantry?

Our rights are not only self-evidently true, but also, they are endowments to all humanity equally by our Creator. That timeless truth is such, regardless of whether the infringing misconduct is instigated by a lawless individual or by the actions of an unjust government.

If we wish to have a rebirth of freedom within Nebraska, it must begin within each of us. Once we understand the First Principles that govern our liberties and the implied civic duties, the next step is to hold our elected officials accountable for their failure to defend our rights.

The truth is that “We the People” must demand that our elected officials adhere to the oath that they swore before God, to uphold and defend our liberties.

Nebraska, are You Going to Allow Such Obviously Gutless Surrendering of Your God-given Rights? Or are You Bold Enough to Face Down these Socialists and Defend Your Liberties?

Tomorrow, March 28th, there will be a Select File Lunch and a Lobby Day for this bill.

Show up if you can. Below are the details:

  • March 28th, 11:30am
  • Nebraska Republican Party Headquarters
  • 1610 N Street, Lincoln NE

So, please send a message to these legislators right away demanding they advance Permitless Carry!