NC: Purchase Permit Repeal Bill may be Heard in the House Soon!

North Carolina legislators are pushing to restore your Second Amendment rights with three pro-gun bills!

1) The Pistol Purchase Permit Repeal bill (H398) – sponsored by Rep. Bobby Hanig – is moving through the House committee. It may be voted on in the House soon. If this bill would become law, the entire pistol purchase permit section of law would be repealed, and a North Carolinian will be able to purchase a handgun without get the state’s permission.

The Pistol Purchase Permit grants local sheriffs the power to not allow people to buy pistols. And in certain places, this disproportionately denies minorities the ability to buy a handgun for self-defense. GOA opposes the notion that any honest Americans should seek permission from the government to exercise their rights. But given that every pistol purchase already requires a NICS background check, having an extra background check requirement by local sheriffs is redundant and unnecessary.

2) The NC Constitutional Carry Act (H197) – sponsored by Rep. Mitchell Setzer – would allow law-abiding citizens of North Carolina to carry a concealed handgun without first obtaining the government’s permission.

Twenty other states currently recognize that Americans have the right to carry a gun for self-defense without first getting the government’s permission to exercise their constitutional rights. These states, not coincidentally, are among the safest in the country.

3) The Second Amendment Preservation Act (H189) – sponsored by Rep. Jay Adams – would nullify federal unconstitutional gun control laws and order State and Local officials to NOT enforce them. This is especially important at a time when the Biden administration is actively trying to restrict your right to bear arms.

In fact, since Biden has begun spewing anti-gun rhetoric as president, five states have already become Second Amendment sanctuaries this year! Arizona, Oklahoma, Montana, North Dakota, and Arkansas have all enacted similar legislation that protects against federal tyranny.

There are also many historic instances of state law being used to combat tyrannical federal laws. In the 1800s, some northern states, such as Pennsylvania, passed Personal Liberty Laws which made it illegal for citizens of the Commonwealth to help enforce the Fugitive Slave Act. Likewise, Virginia and Kentucky threatened to nullify the Alien & Sedition Acts of 1798, which essentially jailed people for criticizing government officials.

H197 and H189 need to first get out of committee, before they get a floor vote.

We at GOA are doing all we can to get these three bills passed, but we need YOUR help!

Please email your State Representative, urging him or her to support H398, H197, and H189 to restore Second Amendment rights to all North Carolinians!