NC: HB49 – Church Carry Loophole Fix Has Passed the House!

HB49 – which protects Religious Meeting Places – passed the House with 77 votes.

Gun Owners of America worked hard with our supporters in the last election to elect the necessary supermajorities in both NC chambers to override Governor Cooper’s vetoes.  Our efforts resulted in a true Senate conservative supermajority and a “working conservative supermajority” in the House for the 2023-2024 Session, where a minimum of 72 votes are required.

HB49 passed with 77 votes.  The supermajority necessary to override a potential Governor Cooper veto of this bill requires ONLY 72 votes.

What this bill does, simply, is afford worshippers in the small minority of churches (approximately 300 – 500) the same opportunity the majority have to permit self-defense while attending religious services with their family and friends.

Although sadly, the bill does not permit such measures where children attend classes.

Use this form to email the House Republicans and Democrats who voted for this bill and thank them. Also encourage them to vote to override Governor Cooper’s veto if it comes to that.