Biden Targeted Gun Owners Instead of Putin

Back in September the Biden Administration initiated a ban on Russian ammo.

But Vladamir Putin isn’t feeling the effects of this ammo ban—you are!

That’s why I’m writing to you today, to ask you to join GOA’s grassroots army in opposing this ban using our activism tool here.

Ostensibly, the Administration was being “tough on Russia,” targeting the economy of the Russian Federation in response to “for the Poisoning of Aleksey Navalny.”

GOA immediately called the ban what it was: gun control.

Abusing governmental authority to target the ability of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is standard procedure in the anti-gun playbook.

But politicians sat idly by and let this go into effect.

They thought: “How can you oppose sanctions on Russia?”

Well, four months later, how has that really panned out?

It hasn’t!

Gun owners need to take action and demand Congress reverse this FAILED gun control!

Did this Russian ammo ban tank the Russian economy? NO!

Has the Russian Federation apologized for the assassination of Navalny? NO!

Of course, this ban hasn’t had the “intended” effects. It was gun control the whole time!

If Biden wanted to target the Russian economy, he could have kept President Trumps restrictions on the Nord Stream Pipeline 2 in place—rather than repealing them earlier in his administration.

No, the Russian Federation is amassing troops on the Ukrainian Border, instead, testing our Biden’s resolve and preparing to invade.

But GOA isn’t here to oppose oil pipelines from Russia to the EU.

And GOA isn’t here to keep Russia from getting hit hard with economic sanctions.

We’re here to defend and restore your right to keep and bear arms.

We’re monitoring Washington, D.C., but we need YOU to actually contact your representatives and hold them accountable.

That’s why we make it easy with our activism tools to help you email your representatives here, with just a few clicks!

In less than four months, this bumbling administration has proved the true purpose of the Russian Ammo ban—to target gun owners.

Anti-gunners know that without ammunition, gun owners cannot effectively keep and bear arms.

They were delighted to see the ammo shortages beginning with the COVID-19 lockdowns.

But the Biden Administration couldn’t bear to see ammunition prices return to normal.

They don’t want new gun owners to be able to train with their firearms, so the less affordable the ammunition, the better!

That’s why the Biden Administration escalated the ammunition shortage that you’ve been experiencing for nearly two years.

Your elected representatives NEED to hear this from gun owners like you!

But if gun owners express their discomfort, you can affect change—even when crooked politicians intertwine gun control with international politics.

Gun owners were able to get President Trump to unsign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty—which would have upended the Second Amendment as we know it.

And just recently, gun owners held squishy Republicans accountable for voting for “red flag” gun confiscation orders in the National Defense Authorization Act.

If gun owners work together, we can overturn this ban.

That’s why I’m writing to you today, to ask you to contact your elected representatives and send them a No Compromise message using GOA’s grassroots activism tool here.

So please, take action, make your voice heard, and let’s stop this ammo ban together!