STOP Biden’s Backdoor Lead Ammo Ban

It passed the House, Now it’s up to the Senate

Anti-gunners know they can’t ban gun ownership outright, so their backup plan is to keep chipping away at the Second Amendment until it’s effectively been ABOLISHED.

And one of those ways is to make commonly used ammunition too expensive for everyday Americans to afford. If they can take away your ammo, they won’t even need to take your guns.

In this case, the Biden Administration published a rule, in 2022 and 2023, through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS), that would ban the use of lead ammunition and fishing tackle on certain federal lands in several years.

As GOA’s Director of Hunter Outreach, Mark Jones, noted, “While there are alternatives to lead, they are very expensive and will price out many new shooters, women, and minorities. Some of America’s more diehard shooters will continue to go to the range and hunt, but many new and younger shooters won’t be able to afford it. This is designed to reduce shooting participation by attrition.

GOA submitted comments to the Federal Register in 2022 and 2023 warning how this ban could lead to a slippery slope of future bans on ammunition. If expanded and made permanent, Biden’s lead ammo ban would eventually ban cheaper ammunition on all public lands, and then once the precedent is set, could be expanded to cover private lands, too…

…And once expanded, Biden’s lead ammo ban would DESTROY the hunting and recreational targeting shooting industry as we know it.

Thankfully, the House of Representatives has passed GOA-backed H.R. 615 which would END Biden’s backdoor attempt at banning lead ammo.

But now, we need your help urging the Senate to stop Biden’s lead ammo ban.

Please add your name to tell your two Senators to pass GOA-backed H.R. 615 to END Biden’s backdoor attempt at banning lead ammo.

GOA has been actively working on Capitol Hill for several years to end Biden’s lead ammo ban. We’ve published several informational papers for congressmen to read as well as an op-ed penned by our Director of Hunter Outreach, Mark Jones.

We’re also countering every single lie and phony “scientific fact” put out by the gun control lobby as they try to manufacture environmental reasons for banning lead ammo.

Mark Jones also happens to be a Certified Wildlife Biologist® who is armed with the facts to debunk every myth peddled by anti-gunners as an excuse to justify Biden’s ban.

For instance, some of those who want to ban lead ammunition claim that it harms human health and wildlife populations.

But, as Jones wrote in his Washington Times op-ed, “This issue, however, has been studied by health departments in a number of states, and no legitimate research has shown conclusive evidence of serious illness or death of humans caused by eating game taken with lead ammunition. In most studies, hunters and their families had lead levels similar to the average American.”

In sum, there is no evidence that lead ammunition is harming wildlife populations or human health on lands away from water.

It’s also important to note that Biden’s ban has nothing to do with the 30-year-old ban on using lead ammunition for hunting waterfowl.

Biden is simply trying to ban all lead ammunition on lands where there is no science to justify the ban.

In other words, it’s simply just an excuse for Biden’s anti-gun regime to drive up the cost of commonly purchased ammunition to further keep guns out of the hands of everyday Americans – at a time when Biden’s inflation is already crushing hardworking families.

But passing H.R. 615 is our chance to shoot down Biden’s lead ammo ban.

In fact, several Democrats joined nearly every single Republican in passing H.R. 615 in the House.

You can see how your Representative voted here and then give them a call at (202) 224-3121 to thank or reprimand them depending on how they voted. (Please note that a “YEA” vote means they voted to END Biden’s lead ammo ban.)

But now that H.R. 615 has passed the House, we need to turn up the heat on the Senate to ensure Biden’s lead ammo ban is defeated.

So please, add your name to tell your two Senators to pass GOA-backed H.R. 615 to END Biden’s backdoor attempt at banning lead ammo.