A handgun ban coming to America?

The worst yet may be coming to America.

Just days after Canada’s leftist prime minister vowed to BAN HANDGUNS in Canada, Joe Biden said he wants to ban “high caliber” 9mm handguns.

You’re our only hope of stopping what could be the single biggest attack on our God-given rights.

Please make a contribution to our 2A Protection Fund now that a ban on handguns could come to America.

After two tragic shootings, anti-gunners feel empowered to pass the most extreme gun control our nation has ever witnessed.

When the Buffalo shooting first broke out, the anti-gun Brady Campaign barely even waited 3 HOURS before fundraising off of the death and despair.

The shameless anti-gun lobby has also used these tragedies to pressure weak-kneed RINO Republicans to consider surrendering on the Second Amendment.

But banning so-called “assault weapons” and expanding background checks will do absolutely NOTHING to keep kids safe.

In fact, the deranged killer in Uvalde, Texas bought his gun from a retailer and likely passed a background check.

So, when these gun control measures inevitably prove to be ineffective in stopping shootings, the anti-gun lobby will demand even more and more of our rights…

In fact, Senator Chris Murphy already stated that if he gets Republicans to cave on Universal Background Checks, “then maybe we open the door for further change.”

What does “further change” look like?

…Just look to leftist Canada to see America’s fate if Kamala’s 50-50 Senate surrenders our God-given rights.

And don’t just take our word: listen directly to our anti-gun president who wants to ban 9mm handguns.

The fate of the Second Amendment has never been more in danger. GOA needs your help now more than ever before.

So please, make a contribution to our 2A Protection Fund now that a ban on handguns could come to America.

Thank you for helping support our Second Amendment-protected rights!