MO: Missouri’s Newly Enacted SAPA may be in Danger!

As you probably recall, gun owners in Missouri fought hard to get an extremely important bill passed.

This was HB 85, or the Second Amendment Preservation Act. Sponsored by Rep. Jered Taylor (R), this bill ordered state and local government officials to NOT enforce ANY unconstitutional federal gun control laws that don’t exist in the state of Missouri, effectively nullifying any of Biden’s gun control attempts.

HB 85 was signed into law by Governor Parson this past summer, making Missouri the 12th 2A Sanctuary state. 

Not surprisingly, the anti-gun folks have already began fighting this law in Missouri and other states/counties around the nation. 

Missouri Senator Justin Brown (R) is one of those anti-gunners who wants to hinder your rights. He has already vowed to “fix” the Second Amendment Preservation Act in the future, which likely means rendering it useless. While Senator Brown doesn’t go into detail about the parts he doesn’t agree with, it’s safe to assume that it is one of the many other “red herrings” people are complaining about in the bill. 

Many anti-gunners seem to think that this bill severely hinders law enforcement by not allowing them to work with federal agencies on crime. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The 2A Preservation Act ONLY prevents state law enforcement from working with the feds on enforcing gun laws that don’t exist in the state. That part is important. Law enforcement can still work with federal agencies on any non-gun related crimes, or on gun-crimes as long as it is also a crime in state law

Missouri’s SAPA has already been challenged in court, and fortunately the State Attorney General successfully defended the law. The Court’s ruling is sure to be appealed, and may ultimately go before the Missouri Supreme Court. At the same time, SAPA faces opposition from left-leaning media outlets like 60-Minutes, who recently produced a hit piece against it.

The only people against this SAPA law either haven’t read it or are against your right to bear arms. Given this is one of the strongest SAPA laws in the entire country, it is very important to protect it.

Please, help Gun Owners of America protect your rights and click here to send your legislators our pre-written message urging them to STAND THEIR GROUND and to not allow the Second Amendment Preservation Act to be destroyed.