MI: Michigan House Adopts Resolution Stating their Support for the 2A!

The Michigan House of Representatives adopted a resolution declaring they support your rights! Let’s try to hold them to that!

The pro-Second Amendment resolution (HR 55) — sponsored by Rep. Andrew Fink (R) — was adopted in the Michigan House. This resolution states that the legislators of the House “firmly affirm support” for the preservation of the Second Amendment. It goes on to say that all federal acts — including the 1934 and 1968 gun control acts — are inconsistent with the Constitution, and the House recognizes them to be a violation of human rights.

This resolution alone does not affect any laws, but the wording here certainly implies that these legislators should easily pass actual 2A Sanctuary legislation. Currently, 11 states are already 2A Sanctuaries – seven of which reached that status this year. If the Michigan legislators really mean everything they declare in this resolution, they should support legislation that would be similar to Oklahoma’s SB 631 and Pennsylvania’s SB 624.

Oklahoma’s Sanctuary bill became law last month, and it orders state and local agents to NOT enforce ANY unconstitutional federal gun control laws, which will make it significantly less likely for Biden’s gun control to be enforced.

Pennsylvania’s Sanctuary bill has not been voted on yet, but would do the same thing as Oklahoma’s, with the addition of actually imposing strong civil penalties, and removing qualified immunity for state agents that attempt to enforce unconstitutional federal gun laws.

So please use the form above to urge your representative to abide by their declaration of support for the 2A and to introduce and support legislation that would make Michigan a Second Amendment Sanctuary state!