[Video] Woman Home Alone Finds Intruder Hiding in Her Closet, She’s Armed, Guess How it Ends

A woman, Barb Haley, and her dog were in for quite the surprise when they found a man hiding in the closet of their Nebraska home at 3am earlier this week.

Fortunately, the woman had armed herself with her husband’s firearm (he was out of town on business) and her dog was on high alert. After hearing a noise in her office, she went to investigate.

According to local media outlets,

She said, “There, in my closet there were two hands coming out of the closet and he said, ‘Please don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me. I just am thirsty. I just wanted something to drink.’ And I said. ‘No. I have a gun and I will, I will shoot you.’”

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