GOA Vote Report For Sen. John McCain — 107th Congress


  1. McCain’s Incumbent Protection. By 59 to 41 (Vote No. 64), the Senate passed S. 27, to amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to provide so-called “campaign finance reform.” The bill severely curtails the ability of outside groups such as GOA to communicate the actions of incumbent politicians to members and supporters prior to an election.
  2. Incumbent Protection (Campaign Finance). This was the key vote in the Senate regarding the odious Incumbent Protection bill (H.R. 2356). The blatantly unconstitutional legislation squelches the voice of groups like Gun Owners of America in the final days before an election. By making it difficult, if not impossible, for groups to criticize the anti-gun actions of legislators prior to an election, incumbents are able to duck accountability for those actions. The filibuster was broken on a vote of 68-32. A vote against cloture (that is, to continue the filibuster) is rated as a “+”.

KEY: + Pro-gun,  Anti-gun,  NV Not voting

                                1   2        MCCAIN (R-AZ)                -   -