Malone: Last Call for Citizen Input on Texas Gun Rights

Texans who support gun rights need to write a statement and submit it to the Texas House Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety today, October 16.

Here is why:

Your life is valuable and worth protecting. But gun-grabbers in the Texas Legislature threaten to ban you from defending it.

Years ago, I made a personal decision to carry a gun. I realized there are evil people in this world who want to destroy innocent life. Buy my life is valuable and worth protecting, and one of the best ways I can be prepared to defend myself is by carrying a gun.

Unfortunately, the Texas Legislature did not recognize this truth in the aftermath of the horrific El Paso and Odessa attacks last year. Instead, it convened committees and asked for public input on policies that would be more likely to disarm you and me instead of stopping attackers.

Gun Owners of America members have responded to these Committees on Mass Violence Prevention and Community Safety with a clear message: We’re safest when we are free to keep and carry our guns.

Their sacrifices in showing up and speaking out have helped to preserve your rights. But the job is never over.

On October 1, the House Committee on Mass Violence again requested public input. This is likely your final chance this year to give your opinion—officially on the record—on topics including “extreme risk indicators” (part of red-flag laws), the role of social media in threat detection, and how to keep guns away from prohibited people.

Take action now!

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