John Velleco

John Velleco

John Velleco is currently the Executive Vice President for Gun Owners of America, having served the the organization in various roles since 1993.

Along with the  entire GOA team, Velleco has taken part in legislative battles such as the passage of arming commercial airline pilots (signed into law in 2002), preventing gun confiscations after natural disasters like hurricane Katrina (signed into law in 2006), repealing the gun ban on National Park Service land (signed into law in 2009), and repealing the gun ban on Amtrak trains (signed into law in 2009).

While legislative responsibilities keep John on Capitol Hill on a regular basis, he has also appeared on various news programs on NBC, ABC, FOX News, CNN and C-Span, in addition to speaking at rallies and events across the country.

John resides in northern Virginia with his wife of 26 years and their five children.

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