Gun groups caution against gun control measures in Virginia after shootings

After three football players were killed in a shooting at the University of Virginia and six people were killed in a shooting at a Walmart in Chesapeake, gun groups are cautioning against efforts to impose stricter gun control measures.

On Nov. 13, three UVA football players were killed after a man allegedly opened fire in a bus after returning to the university from a class trip. A little more than a week later, six people were killed in a Walmart in Chesapeake after a man allegedly opened fire because of grievances against some Walmart employees.

Shortly after the shootings, Democratic lawmakers in Virginia announced a plan to approve stricter gun control measures in the General Assembly in the next legislative session.

House Democrats announced they would introduce bills to restrict high-capacity magazines, ban ghost guns, raise the age to buy certain firearms and hold the gun industry accountable. Senate Democrats released a statement in which the caucus said it was beyond the point of thoughts and prayers and said the state must collectively come together to end gun violence…

“Virginia already has many of the same failed, gun control policies that the anti-gun Left is calling for — red flags laws, universal background checks, and more,” Jordan Stein, the southeast region director for Gun Owners of America, told The Center Square. “Further, Walmart’s ‘no carry’ policy for employees made them sitting ducks. More gun control will only enable these killers. We need the freedom to protect ourselves from evil doers!”…

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