Sample Petiton for GFSZA

Please read and submit as a petition to your congressman in your district to make them aware of this law, and it’s unconstitutionality.

United States Congress:

Gun Owners of America and other citizens urge you to immediately introduce legislation to repeal Title 18 USC §922(q) “The Federal Gun Free School Zones Act.” As currently enacted, this law makes it impossible for any armed citizen to travel any reasonable distance in any developed area unless they have a CCW permit physically issued by the state in which they are traveling. Although permit holders are exempt in their home states, it is impossible for them to visit any other state in our nation that recognizes their permit. The BATFE has made clear through their letters and actions that they have the will and the ability to arrest permit holders and other citizens legally armed under state law.

In addition to the major problems presented to permit holders of forty-nine states, the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act also endangers those individuals who are allowed to carry a firearm under their state law without a permit. This includes judges, prosecutors, and private citizens in many states. Not even off-duty police officers that qualify under LEOSA are exempt.

Finally, the repeal of this federal law is not about bringing guns on school property. We believe the state legislatures of each state are best suited to address that issue, and nearly all have. To understand this law’s true effect, we ask that each of you look at a map of the “gun free zones.” You will see that these vast zones overlap in developed areas, making roads and interstate highways impassible by armed citizens, their right to free travel constrained.