Gerry Ognibene

Gerry D. Ognibene is member of the Board of Directors of Gun Owners of America, serving continuously for over three decades.

Gerry was born in Brooklyn NY in 1943, moving at age 3 with his parents and older brother to Los Angeles, CA.

Gerry attended Don Bosco Tech majoring in metallurgy, Cal. State University majoring in government, and pre law at Western State University Law School.

At age 8, Gerry began his life long interest in hunting and fishing. By age 18, Gerry was an experienced fly fisherman, offshore angler and hunter.

While in college, Gerry developed a close friendship with the legendary gun maker Harry W. Sanford and the founder of Gun Owners of America, Senator H. L. “Bill” Richardson.

With the mentoring of Harry and H. L., Gerry became an advocate for the U. S. Constitution and the Second Amendment.

Gerry was senior vice president of the Mission Viejo Company, a community development subsidiary of Phillip Morris Inc. His duties included governmental affairs, public relations, legal affairs and community relations.

After leaving Mission Viejo Co, Gerry started Vote Rite Systems, Inc, a data processing company focusing on conservative political data.

Gerry is currently president of Vote Rite Systems and is providing data services to many conservative organizations, politicians and candidates.