Florida gun owners not fooled by watered-down carry bill

Only three states fully prohibit the open carry of firearms by citizens, and I bet you’d be surprised to hear Florida is among them. Yes, we frustratingly find ourselves in the company of New York and Illinois on this issue. And Republican leaders, including Governor DeSantis, appear poised to keep it that way under the misnamed “Constitutional Carry” bill that is expected to pass this session.

Florida Speaker of the House

Gun owners saw right through the façade when House Speaker Paul Renner threw a press conference at the end of January to celebrate introduction of the “Constitutional Carry” bill.

On the one hand, it does go a long way in restoring the rights of our residents and visitors alike to carry arms in public for self-defense without a permit. On the other hand, the bill falls short of every Constitutional Carry law in the country by quietly omitting the right to carry openly.  So, our leaders are trying to appease one side and fool the other. And to re-emphasize, this bill will keep us in very liberal company.