Florida Businesses: Show Your Support for Constitutional Carry

Dear Caliber Club member,

For the first time in the history of Florida, the Constitutional Carry bill (HB 103) has the support of Governor Ron DeSantis. If this bill becomes law, Florida will become the twenty-second state to embrace permitless carry. 

The last hearing for the HB 103 was on January 11, 2022, but gun owners can’t allow this bill to stall. To move forward, two-thirds of each chamber of the legislature must vote in favor of the bill, requiring 70 members of the House and 26 members of the Senate. 

I am working hard along with GOA’s grassroots army to ensure the Sunshine State becomes a Constitutional Carry State, but we need your help.  

I need you to help me demonstrate your business’ public support for Constitutional Carry by signing the attached resolution. Please sign, scan and return it to me via email to [email protected]. Alternatively, you could mail the signed resolution to our national headquarters at Gun Owners of America 8001 Forbes Place – Suite 202 Springfield, VA 22151 with the attention to Florida Constitutional Carry.   

We need to make it crystal clear to the Florida Republican legislators that we want the Constitutional Carry bill to be passed, and you can play a critical role in this effort to restore our freedoms!  

Thank you in advance for going the extra mile for one last push to make Constitutional Carry the law in Florida. 

In Liberty,

Luis Valdez 

Florida State Director


WHEREAS, Florida, unlike many of the states, requires a permit for legally owned firearms to be carried outside of limited areas such as one’s home and vehicle; and
WHEREAS, criminals do not follow the law and the permit requirement disarms their victims; and
WHEREAS, based on evidence from our state and other states, a permit requirement does not make people safer; and
WHEREAS, Florida should join the growing number of states who recognize Constitutional Carry, gun owners can carry as a matter of right, not privilege; now
THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that  _____________company name_______________ supports Constitutional Carry and House Bill 103 (2022 Session) currently pending in the state legislature, in which anyone who legally possesses a firearm should be able to carry it, open or concealed, without a permit, while maintaining licensing as optional for reciprocity purposes. Upon passage of this Resolution, we urge all legislators to support this legislation.