Chuck Schumer ‘Urging’ Dems to Avoid Gun Control as Budget Debate Begins

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is “urging” his Democrat colleagues to avoid gun control as debate over the budget begins.

In other words, despite ardent post-Vegas gun control pushes by members of his own party and relentless criticism of the GOP-led Congress’ refusal to pass more gun laws, Schumer is asking his colleagues to tone it down.

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According to the Hill, Schumer is concerned about the outcome of 2018 elections and what pushing gun control might do to Democrats who are up for reelection. He said he is “urging” his caucus to limit its focus to four issues—none of which include gun control. He wants Democrats to “bash the GOP proposal to cut the tax rate for the highest income bracket, oppose tax increases on middle-class earners, fight proposed cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, and insist that tax reform not add to the deficit.”

Schumer said, “Those are the four issues we’d like to focus on instead of doing a long vote-a-rama on every other issue.”

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