Belt-Loops and Bump Stocks: Will Republican Senators Seek Gun Control for Blue Jeans Too?

In the wake of the heinous attack on Las Vegas concert goers, nine Republican Senators are asking the ATF to review and consider where more regulation is needed on bump stock firearm accessories.

This raises a question: Will Republican Senators seek gun control for blue jeans too? After all, one can use the belt-loop on his blue jeans or work pants to achieve a similar effect to what one gets via a bump stock.

The Vegas attacker had bump stock devices on a number of his guns and Breibart News reported that the sale of those devices was approved by Barack Obama’s ATF in 2010. But bump stocks are in no way the only means one can use to mimic auto fire in short bursts. There are a number of ways to make a semi-automatic mimic such fire, and NONE OF THEM converts a semiautomatic into a automatic weapon; they simply allow the gun’s owner to achieve rapid fire for a short period of time.

In fact, doing this is so simple that it can be achieved with a belt loop.

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