Senior ATF Official: Ease Onerous Gun Regulations

Senior ATF Official: Ease Onerous Gun Regulations

Federal law enforcement official calls for common sense over ideology in fight to reduce violence.

Ronald B. Turk, U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives associate deputy director and COO, has written a white paper calling for the reduction of gun regulations.

Turk’s recommendations include removing restrictions on the sale of silencers, increasing the number of crimes traced to a firearms dealer necessary to trigger a federal inquiry, and launching a study on lifting the ban on the import of certain semiautomatic rifles.

“These general thoughts provide potential ways to reduce or modify regulations, or suggest changes that promote commerce and defend the Second Amendment without significant negative impact on ATF’s mission to fight violent firearms crime and regulate the firearms industry,” writes Turk.

The paper also calls for allowing ATF to grant limited licenses for certain dealers to sell and transfer post-1986 machine guns — both for Department of Defense and TV/film purposes — as well as allowing the interstate sale of firearms at gun shows and clarifying licensing rules for dealers who only sell at gun shows.

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