Make Sure You Vote Tomorrow!

— Check out our Election Guide!


ACTION:  Please get to the polls by the end of tomorrow night.  There are a multitude of pro-gun candidates on the ballot this Election Day.  So please make sure you check out GOA’s 2014 Election Guide and share it with all your pro-gun friends and family.

Prospects Look Good on this Election Eve

It’s no understatement that tomorrow is a big election.

Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg has committed to spend $50 million to help advance gun control nationwide.  And he’s already made good on his threat, spending millions of dollars on anti-gun candidates and ballot initiatives around the country.

Not surprisingly, there are reports of voter fraud surfacing in certain localities — given that many state laws make it difficult to prevent illegal aliens from voting, and the current White House has sued states which have tried to put up barriers to such illegalities.

But all of that will not matter if America’s pro-gun majority gets out and votes tomorrow.

Opinion polls indicate that Americans are disgusted with the direction our country is going, and so by Tuesday’s end, we expect that there will be a huge change in the Senate.

Even the liberal Washington Post estimates there is a 96% chance that Harry Reid will be dethroned from his position of power.  But again, this won’t happen unless pro-gun voters around the country get to the polls and change the make-up of the U.S. Senate.

The opinion polls are encouraging to be sure, but NO CHANGE will occur if good people don’t actually get out and vote.

So please utilize and circulate GOA’s 2014 Election Guide — and encourage your pro-gun family and friends to get to the polls.

Have a Happy Election Day!