Victory So Far…

Collins Loses Test Vote on Anti-Gun Amendment

Please click on the Take Action button to email your Senators.  The anti-gun Collins amendment is still alive, so let’s redouble our efforts to make sure it does not pass!


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Your Calls and Emails Still Needed

It’s been a busy week here in the nation’s capital.  

Gun Owners of America has appeared on countless radio and TV outlets — including public radio, MSNBC and CNN

The most recent of these occurred yesterday, when GOA’s Erich Pratt appeared with CNN host Carol Costello. 

The reaction to this debate in other media outlets has been very encouraging.

Breitbart reported that the host got “crushed by facts.”  

Newsbusters put it virtually the same way, explaining the anchor got “schooled.” 

GOA is very grateful that your support allows GOA to be here … arguing in the public arena of ideas … and putting heat on legislators, urging them to uphold our rights protected by the Second Amendment.

Meanwhile, the Senate yesterday conducted a test (tabling) vote on the anti-gun Collins amendment that would allow Attorney General Loretta Lynch to impose gun bans on every member of GOA and every member of the NRA.  

The bad news is that Collins got 52 votes, so her anti-gun amendment was not tabled (killed).  

The good news is that Collins still needs 60 votes to get the Senate to actually attach her language to the CJS spending bill (H.R. 2578).

She’s not there yet.  And with your help, she won’t get there.

All the Democrats in attendance voted in favor of the anti-gun Collins amendment, as did the following Republicans:  Alexander (TN), Ayotte (NH), Coats (IN), Collins (ME), Flake (AZ), Graham (SC), Kirk (IL) and Toomey (PA).

These Republicans need extra special attention.

If you took action this week in opposition to the Collins-Ayotte amendment, GOA wants to thank you.

But if you haven’t taken action, please take this opportunity to urge your Senators to oppose the anti-gun Collins-Ayotte amendment.