12/96 Stop Judicial Activism

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(Saturday, December 14) — The following letter is being signed by a range of organizations around the country indicating that a vote for a federal judge will be a vote the people are watching. As GOF learns of nominations involving anti-gun, anti-Bill of Rights judges, we will work with the other groups in coalition to defeat anti-gun Clinton judicial nominees.

So far, over 200 groups have signed on. If you have a group that can sign this letter, please fax your signature to Tom Jipping (see below, last line). Also, please fax a copy of your letter to GOF.

January , 1997

Hon. Senator
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator :

We represent millions of Americans deeply concerned about an activist federal judiciary. Judicial activism threatens self-government; without self-government, there is no liberty. In America, lawmakers must be accountable to the people, yet unaccountable judges with life tenure too often assume that role by making our laws mean something other than what the real lawmakers intended.

Some of us lobby, others educate. We have different methods, different means, but one message. We will promote judicial restraint and fight judicial activism with whatever tools and resources are legitimately at our disposal. The Constitution names the President and the Senate as the key players in judicial selection, but both are accountable to the people.

As the 105th Congress opens, we want you to know of our common resolve and commitment to see a more restrained judiciary, one more consistent with self-government and liberty.


(Sign with name of organization to be listed on original letter. Fax to Tom Jipping of the Judicial Selection Monitoring Project at 202-543-5605.)