Thanksgiving Thank You

As Thanksgiving Approaches…
A heartfelt “thank you” from GOA to all its Members and Activists

“[GOA’s] lobbying probably torpedoed the best chance for [renewing
the semi-auto ban] this year.” — National Journal, 7/17/04

This has been a year unlike any other year.

A fresh breath of freedom has swept across the land.

The hated ban on semi-automatic firearms and magazines has now expired; and as Providence would have it, this victory was, in large part, thanks to your efforts.

In fact, you played a tremendous role in helping this onerous law fade into the sunset.

Your impact was so great that even our political opponents, like the gun grabbers at the Violence Policy Center, have taken notice.

The National Journal, a magazine that covers national politics, quoted the VPC on July 17 of this year:

Kristen Rand, the legislative director for the Violence Policy Center, which has been lobbying for the renewal of the assault weapons ban, agreed that [GOA’s] lobbying probably torpedoed the best chance for action this year. “I think their input was very significant,” Rand said of the gun-owners group.

You should give yourself a pat on the back.

While we at Gun Owners have a lot to be thankful for, high on the list is our members and activists that have so faithfully contacted their senators and representatives throughout the year.

Thank you so much for everything you have done.

While it has been a phenomenally successful year, there are still irons in the fire. The Congressional “clock” has not yet expired, and we will continue to monitor what happens until our legislators finally decide to officially end the Congressional session.

Until then, the staff at Gun Owners of America would like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. As you gather with family and friends this week, please take time to reflect on the liberty that we enjoy as a self-governed free people. To that end, you might wish to view the following picture of American soldiers in Iraq, giving thanks to God while defending our way of life:


Another picture is making the rounds of the Internet. This one shows a gun rights activist wearing what we call the “Rosie” T-shirt. It’s a GOA shirt that is frankly unflattering towards Rosie O’Donnell. As a result of the photo being forwarded in e-mails, GOA has received numerous inquiries as to how a person can get one of these shirts.

We’re happy to let you know that they are available on our website at: