Urgent Calls Needed Against ObamaCare


  — Vote is scheduled for Saturday night

Friday, November 20, 2009

Tomorrow will be as important a day as any in our lifetimes in determining whether the anti-gun health care bill moves forward. 

The key vote will be on shutting down a Republican filibuster of the ObamaCare bill, HR 3590.  In the Senate, we are faced with a health care bill that:

* Costs $2.5 trillion during its first ten years of full implementation (2014-2023);

* Increases insurance premiums and imposes $376 billion in tax increases — many on the middle class; and

* Cuts Medicare by $465 billion, while increasing health costs by over $100 billion.

Fox News is reporting today that the word “tax” appears 183 times in the health care bill.  Is Obama serious?  Is that what he and Reid want to do to us in the midst of a recession?

Of course, all this increased spending — and taxes — means that you will have less money to spend on pursuing your real passions:  like providing for your family and purchasing guns and ammunition!

The strategy in the Senate is to cram this bill down the American people’s throats before we have a chance to fully read and evaluate it.  And the vote on Saturday at 8:00 p.m. will determine whether, at least initially, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be able to get away with this.

Gun Owners of America has already gone into several states represented by key Democrats who will be central to the Saturday vote.  But this is sufficiently important that all 100 senators need to know where we stand.

Finally, as we have mentioned several times in the past, the mandates in the legislation will most likely dump your gun-related health data into a government database that was created in section 13001 of the stimulus bill.  This includes any firearms-related information your doctor has gleaned… or any determination of PTSD, or something similar, that can preclude you from owning firearms.

And, the special “wellness and prevention” programs (inserted by Section 1001 of the bill as part of a new Section 2717 in the Public Health Services Act) would allow the government to offer lower premiums to employers who bribe their employees to live healthier lifestyles — and nothing within the bill would prohibit rabidly anti-gun HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius from decreeing that “no guns” is somehow healthier.

We all need to contact our Senators right away.

Do you want left-wing bureaucrats appointed by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid determining whether you should own a gun via the health care system?

If not, then you need to call right away.  Our gun rights — and the fate of our economy — are hanging in the balance.

ACTION: Call your two U.S. Senators.  Please urge them to vote against “cloture” on the “motion to proceed” to HR 3590.

You can call your Senators toll-free at 1-877-762-8762.  The phones are ringing off the hook right now on Capitol Hill.  More likely than not, you will have to try several times because the circuits have been overloaded.

But don’t be discouraged… keep calling!

Also, ask your wife, your relatives, your neighbors, your church — everyone, short of your dog — to do the same.  This is crunch time!

NOTE:  The alternate, non toll-free, number is 202-224-3121.


1) Support the filibuster of HR 3590 by voting NO on cloture.

2) Socialized health care is too expensive.  I would rather spend my money the way I want to spend it!

3) Increasing my taxes during a recession is insane.

4) This bill will threaten to register me as a gun owner, because the mandates in this bill will force my medical information into the database that was created by the stimulus bill.

5) Vote NO on this bill!