ATF Finding New Ways To Infringe People’s Rights

Coloseum offers free software for new GOA memberships!

ATF Finding New Ways To Infringe People’s Rights

— Coloseum offers free software for new GOA memberships!

Last month, we told you how the ATF was trying to prevent the distribution of an electronic 4473 Form.  This software has been developed by a private firm, Coloseum Software Corporation, and is intended to protect dealers against the “mistakes” that have allowed the ATF to prosecute or harass them into giving up their licenses.

GOA issued a grassroots alert in mid-October explaining how the ATF had been dragging its collective feet for months — keeping Coloseum from distributing its software, even while the ATF was developing its own competing software (and possibly, violating the copyright which belonged to Coloseum).

After GOA asked gun owners to contact the Bush Administration, the owner of Coloseum contacted us shortly thereafter to tell us that our alert had been a tremendous success:

After the GOA alert put the spotlight on criminal activity by the BATFE, they quickly provided us (Coloseum Software Corp) with the approval for the new Form 4473 which we had been asking for months.

Well, that was good news.  Unfortunately, Coloseum just found out this week that the ATF is still hoping to release their software first.  So in addition to restricting our Second Amendment rights, the ATF is now venturing into a new field, competing against legitimate businesses.

ATF would prefer that each dealer get permission to use the same software that has already been approved for other dealers.  That would be like requiring each taxpayer to get the IRS to okay the use of Turbo Tax software.

James LaMonte, CEO and Founder of Coloseum, said, “This is a strong case of restriction of trade and big Government suppressing small business.  I planned on adding 50 new jobs to my company when this technology was approved!”

Apparently, an out-of-control bureau which doesn’t respect Second Amendment rights doesn’t care about stifling the free market either.

The battle for our liberties continues.


Meanwhile, Coloseum has announced it is releasing a Home version of its software.  This will allow people to inventory their firearms at home, something that will protect them in case of theft. Imagine your guns were stolen.  Would you have the ability to document your loss to get reimbursement from your insurance company?

The Coloseum software gives gun owners to ability to do that if the unthinkable happens… your firearms are stolen and never recovered.

So sign up for a GOA membership today!  Through this offer — if you sign up for a $20 membership — you will receive the home firearms inventory software for free (a $99 value).

The software release date is 12/27/08, so please allow time for shipping.

In addition to helping GOA by joining for $20 or more (or making an additional contribution if you are already a GOA member), please let all the dealers you know about this deal.  Coloseum wants to be well-established in the market before the ATF releases their pirated version.

Dealers who request the eForm 4473 software from Coloseum will get a free package for a single terminal in their store.  Dealers can contact James LaMonte of Coloseum at: [email protected]

So join GOA while getting a great product absolutely free!  And help give the BATFE the black eye they so richly deserve by encouraging President Bush to fire Acting Director Michael Sullivan and rein in The Gang before he leaves office.