Sen. John McCain Trying to Kill the Armed Pilots Provision

— Tell him to renounce his anti-gun ways

Gun Owners of America warned you last month about Sen. John McCain of Arizona who was trying to kill the armed pilots amendment. He failed then, but now he’s at it again.

As you know, both houses of Congress passed airline safety legislation with an armed pilots amendment. Under normal circumstances — when both houses agree in principle on an issue — that guarantees that the provision will remain in the final version of the bill. Unfortunately, Sen. McCain is on the conference committee which is tasked with ironing out the differences between the two versions, and he is reportedly trying to strip out the armed pilots language.

It is imperative that EVERYBODY get in touch with Sen. John McCain. Normally, GOA does not encourage people to contact legislators from other states. It only makes sense to lobby the congressmen that represent you. But in this case, it is appropriate for you to contact McCain. Even if he tells you that he doesn’t answer mail from other states, remember one thing: John McCain is a Presidential candidate. He has national aspirations, and that means he wants to represent you no matter where you live.

ACTION: Please use the pre-written letter below to help direct your comments to Sen. McCain. You can contact him at:

Phone: 202-224-2235
Fax: 202-228-2862
E-mail: [redacted]

—– Pre-written message —–

Dear Sen. McCain:

Gun Owners of America tells me that you are up to your anti-gun tricks again. You’ve introduced legislation to ban private gun sales at gun shows unless the gun buyer is willing to submit to a background registration check. You have introduced Incumbent Protection legislation to punish groups like GOA for criticizing candidates before an election.

Now I hear that you are trying to neutralize the armed pilots amendment in the aviation security act. Shame! Guns are the best way for pilots to defend their planes, crews and passengers. If we are to trust pilots with our lives while aboard, why should we not trust them to utilize the best tool available to prevent hijackings?

It has been reported that you would rather have pilots armed with stun guns. Are you serious? Stun guns require the attacker to be right on top of you before you can use them. And tasers, which launch a remote probe up to 15 feet, can be thwarted by heavy clothing. So if the pilot misses on the first shot at a distance of 15 feet, the pilot is dead.

Please don’t push any such “Dead Pilots” amendment as a defense against terrorists. If stun guns and tasers are so effective, then why don’t cops around the country trade in their guns for these items?

Make no mistake, the pilots themselves want to defend themselves with real guns. At least four local pilot unions have passed resolutions around the country stating they will strike if they are not allowed to defend their planes and passengers with firearms. You can read about this for yourself at on the web.

I hope you will not try to thwart the will of the Congress. Both houses have passed sensible air safety provisions that would permit pilots to arm themselves for our common defense against terrorism. That language deserves to go to the President for his signature.



If you are a pilot, or if you know a pilot, please take a look at the above-mentioned resolution which has been passed by several local unions. The resolution states that pilots will refuse to fly unless they are able to carry firearms into the cockpits of their planes.

It has been passed by several ALPA Councils, and is being considered across the nation by numerous Councils at both ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association) and APA (the Allied Pilots Association). It has passed at United’s Los Angeles Council, at Alaska’s Seattle Council, at Delta’s Cincinnati Council, and at a Continental/Express Council in Houston.

If you have any further questions, or any election results relating to other councils, please contact United Airlines Capt. Bob Giuda at [redacted] via e-mail. Giuda, who is also a New Hampshire state representative, has been spearheading the efforts to get this resolution passed by local pilot unions.