“So, Harry, why the long face?”

Oh . . . now we understand. New polling results show Democrat leader of the U.S. Senate Harry Reid is at least 3 points down to challenger Sharron Angle.

 Harry ReidAnd when you’re the Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate, it’s very hard to handle the fact you may LOSE your Senate seat on November 2nd. But that’s where Harry Reid finds himself.
How can this happen? It may be that Reid’s constituents have finally realized that every time his mouth is moving, he’s telling tall tales. Like when he says he’s pro-gun, after casting anti-gun votes more than 42 times in the Senate. And his latest votes may be his worst. You can’t vote to confirm Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the United States Supreme Court and say you’re pro-gun. You can’t vote to confirm radical anti-gun Eric holder as U.S. Attorney General and say you’re pro-gun.
Fact is– you can’t claim to be pro-gun if you’re Harry Reid, and Nevada voters are finding that out. Pro-gun, GOA endorsed candidate Sharron Angle will need to keep the pressure up on “Dingy Harry” from now right up to Election Day.

That’s why GOA is urging all our supporters and anyone who reads this to send a donation to Sharron Angle NOW! It will take a full-blown TV and radio campaign for Angle to defeat Harry. Please do your part in finally ridding the U.S. Senate of one of the worst anti-gunners to ever hold a leadership position. You can visit Sharron at http://sharronangle.com.   Thanks.
Tim Macy