On the Campaign Trail with Jackie Walorski

When you see what she has done, and understand who she is running against, you can see that our endorsement was a no-brainer.

by Larry Pratt

 Indiana state representative Jackie Walorski is one of the candidates that have been endorsed by Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.  When you see what she has done, and understand who she is running against, you can see that our endorsement was a no-brainer.

When Walorski was first elected to the Indiana state house of representatives, fellow-Republican and governor, Mitch Daniels, wanted to raise taxes in order to balance the budget.  Is it not interesting that the ruling class never thinks of cutting back on their spending of our money?

Walorski contacted a couple of other freshmen — one of whom is now-state senator Marlin Stutzman (who is also running for Congress and endorsed by GOA-PVF).  The three legislators formed the point of a spear to push their entire caucus into opposing their governor’s proposal.  The tax increase died.

That kind of record is what GOA looks for in a candidate.  Are they willing to oppose their own establishment?

walorski On the campaign trail, Walorski has managed to run neck and neck with the incumbent Democrat, Joe Donnelly, bringing down his support in September to several points under 50 percent — a very dangerous development for an incumbent.

Donnelly voted for the anti-gun ObamaCare.  He sounds just like Obama, trying to convince us that it would have been worse if the $700 billion had not been squandered.  He reminds me of the old Jack Benny gag line: “Who do you believe, me or your lying eyes?”

Certainly the notion that ObamaCare “is good for you” was not believed by Walorski.  She says that this law is what pushed her over the edge to enter the GOP primary, which she won, so she could take on Donnelly.

Donnelly says nothing about his vote for ObamaCare in his ads which also fail to mention that he is a Democrat.  He is trying to snooker voters into trusting him with another term by saying that he is not sure he will vote for Pelosi for Speaker in 2011.

What a profile in courage!  He is so much a Pelosi pet that he does not even dare say he would not vote against one of the most unpopular politicians in America.  Donnelly wants his constituents to believe that he is a conservative Blue Dog Democrat who is independent from his leadership.

In fact, as Walorski makes plain, he is no such thing; Donnelly is not a Blue Dog, he is just a Pelosi lap dog.

You can support Walorski by going here: http://www.jackiewalorski.com.