Senate Amendment: Arming Pilots

Sen. Smith to Offer Amendment Allowing Guns in Planes
— Please contact your Senators right away

(Tuesday, October 2, 2001) — Senator Bob Smith’s office has informed Gun Owners of America that the Senator may be offering a pro-gun amendment as early as tomorrow. The language would be modeled after the bill he introduced last week (S. 1463), and would be offered as an amendment to the Aviation Security Act.

This amendment, if passed, would preempt what is an anticipated regulation by the FAA to outright prohibit guns in the cockpit. Senator Smith’s language would block such a regulation and provide the opportunity for pilots to use firearms to defend their passengers and planes. It would also provide for reinforcing the cockpit doors on commercial aircrafts.


If you are a pilot, or work in the aerospace industry, please let GOA know by dropping an e-mail to [email protected] at your convenience.