Zealots Trying To Ram Disarmament Bill Through The Senate

Anti-gun Zealots Trying To Ram Disarmament Bill Through Senate
— Immediate action required

You’d think that when rabid, anti-gun legislators like Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy join together to pass anti-gun legislation, it would raise a few red flags.

But these two New York Democrats are currently planning to roll over gun owners with H.R. 2640 — legislation which would bar you from owning guns if:

* You are a battle-scarred veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; or

* As a kid, you were diagnosed with ADHD.

Not to mention the fact that your ailing grandfather could have his entire gun collection seized, based only on a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s (and there goes the family inheritance).

Gun owners have been desperately fighting this bill for several months. You will remember that it passed in the House with an unrecorded voice vote in June and was later passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee — also without a recorded vote.

Sen. Schumer is pushing hard to pass this legislation — dubbed the Veterans Disarmament Act — so he is circulating an “agreement” which would waive the Senate rules in order to bring up and pass the bill.

This agreement could come about in the next few hours or the next couple of days!

This agreement is extremely diabolical, as it would eliminate the ability of pro-gun senators to offer amendments which would clean up the legislation… and would grease the skids for immediate passage!

But there is good news: In order for Schumer’s “agreement” to prevail, he must get “unanimous consent.” This means that just ONE single senator can block it.