As the House Gets Ready to Vote on Repealing the DC Gun Ban

As the House Gets Ready to Vote on Repealing the DC Gun Ban
— Your Representative now needs to hear from you

Monday, September 15, 2008

How quickly things can change.

Last week, the early reports indicated that the Childers bill to repeal the DC gun ban, HR 6691, was going to be a “cake walk” in the House of Representatives.

But now, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D) has managed to get an alternative, anti-gun bill onto the floor of the House. Her bill passed out of committee last week on a whopping 17-1 vote. Every Republican on the committee — except for Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) — voted for the Norton bill.

The Norton bill would allow the DC council to continue enacting gun control, while the Childers bill (HR 6691) would repeal the ban on semi-auto pistols and rifles in DC, the registration requirements which require residents to get permission from the city council before they can own a weapon, and the lock-up-your-safety provision.

Representatives will now have a choice between the two bills — and the fact that every Republican in the committee, except for one, voted for the Norton gun control bill is not a good sign.


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